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Overcoming Freshman Year Challenges

Brimming with possibilities, freshman year introduces students to new friendships and exposes them to diverging thoughts and ideas. It is a year when educational habits form and take shape. A season when they begin to understand how much time is required to study, and when to recognize when they need ...
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Bienvenido a Southwest Community Campus!

“Caminando. Caminando,” Principal Carmen Fernandez gently urges her students as they make their way to their next destination. The students smile, bump in to each other, giggle and then quickly slow their fast moving feet. One of the best parts of our job, is when we have an opportunity to ...
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Be Our Guest!

Books are important – they have the power to take us through fantastic journeys! Riding along the deep folds of their pages, stories create a world of make believe. A place, where we can get lost and allow our minds to expand with a sense of wonder and anticipation of ...
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Project Envision

Last week over 200 students from Grand Rapids Public Schools (GRPS) became professional artists when their work was officially installed at the Amway World Headquarters in Ada, Michigan. The work started over four months ago when students from Grand Rapids Montessori, Coit Creative Arts Academy, Cezar Chavez, Grand Rapids Child ...
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A Closer Look

From January 29 to February 1, Aby visited Washington D.C. with over 35 other students and staff from Grand Rapids Public Schools as part of National Close-Up Washington D.C. program. Close-up is a nonpartisan non-profit that informs, inspires and empowers young people to exercise the rights and accept the responsibilities ...
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