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A Closer Look

From January 29 to February 1, Aby visited Washington D.C. with over 35 other students and staff from Grand Rapids Public Schools as part of National Close-Up Washington D.C. program. Close-up is a nonpartisan non-profit that informs, inspires and empowers young people to exercise the rights and accept the responsibilities ...
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GRIT: A year in review of GR8 Sports

Athletics help students develop grit, which is the ability to persevere in the face of challenge, to focus on a goal, and to not give-up. Superintendent Weatherall Neal spoke about grit with a community of supporters: “Sports teach our kids grit. They need that. We all need that. It is ...
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Experiencing First Stage at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

*Maria has a BIG imagination that knows no boundaries- and sometimes that makes it hard for her to connect with her peers. This year, Maria joined First Stage at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. First Stage is a unique, after-school program for third graders from GRPS’ Coit Creative Arts Academy ...
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MindShare 2017: Behind the Scenes

We are three months away from MindShare 2017: Unite and the excitement is building. MindShare is SAF’s annual gala to raise money and awareness for programs in the Grand Rapids Public Schools. Funds raised support grants to purchase art supplies, library books, enrichment trips and so much more. We are ...
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We talk about it, but rarely do it. The reasons are many and usually led by: “I just don’t have the time!” At SAF that is certainly true. From our luncheon and MindShare gala to meetings with volunteers and from GR8 Sports, Great Kids to supporting great programs in GRPS, ...
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