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Captivating Imaginations!

Oh to be in 2nd grade again, when the world is small, but your imagination is BIG! When field trip destinations become your classroom for the day, and a bumpy bus ride with your classmates adds to the excitement. There is something special about field trip days; waking up seems ...
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Celebrating Our Community!

The Community Comes Together! For many, the opportunity to come together for fun is also an opportunity to make an impact. Over the past few weeks, you might have seen GR8 Sports, Great Kids pop up around town and social media: Grand Rapids Griffins’ games, afternoon Yoga and even the ...
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A Staycation, Vacation: Your Guide to Spring Break in Grand Rapids

Spring Break in Grand Rapids isn’t just another staycation. No way! It is an opportunity to wrap your arms –not your wallet– around the wonderful world that is West Michigan. So what if we can’t guarantee a balmy 80 degree day, or blue skies filled with sunshine? What Grand Rapidians ...
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Overcoming Freshman Year Challenges

Brimming with possibilities, freshman year introduces students to new friendships and exposes them to diverging thoughts and ideas. It is a year when educational habits form and take shape. A season when they begin to understand how much time is required to study, and when to recognize when they need ...
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Bienvenido a Southwest Community Campus!

“Caminando. Caminando,” Principal Carmen Fernandez gently urges her students as they make their way to their next destination. The students smile, bump in to each other, giggle and then quickly slow their fast moving feet. One of the best parts of our job, is when we have an opportunity to ...
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