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Good Things ARE Happening to Readers!

Books. Please mom, can I have…Books full of pages of stories and tales About kings and queens, and riding the rails. About presidents and states, and a marathon race About oceans and lakes, and enormous tanks About monsters and ogres, and little green clovers About dogs and cats, and small ...
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Cara Jones YNPN GR 2017 Leadership Good-to-Great Award

Have you met our friend Cara? Cara Jones is not your average Joan… In fact, the word average and Cara shouldn’t even be in the same sentence! And surprise, this non-average, quite extraordinary woman has been nominated for the YNPN GR 2017 Leadership Award in the Good-to-Great category! This award ...
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GR8 Girls Challenges

2017 marked the launch of GR8 Girls Challenges all over West Michigan. Now, more than 10 months into the year, Challenges have proven to be a fun, fit and sweaty way to get out and get toned all for a good cause – GRPS Girls’ Athletics! GR8 Girls - an ...
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Creative Interactions

“I see a dress!” “I see an upside down hook!” “I see horns!” A group of sixth graders exclaim as they stand before Scarlatti - the enormous, kinetic, steel sculpture of monumental beauty at the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park (“Meijer Gardens”). It’s a cold, wet day in early ...
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My Story: I am Yamaka Bracey

I walk like a leader. I talk like a leader. I act like a leader, because I am a leader. Every morning our students are reminded of who they are. These words, in there simplicity, speak volumes. Resonating in our students a sense of safety, responsibility and respect towards themselves, ...
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