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For a second year, Deloitte’s Grand Rapids office has descended on a school in GRPS for the firm’s annual Impact Day. A day, for the past 18 years, that has been set aside for more than 60,000 Deloitte professionals –around the world- to spend the day volunteering in their communities ...
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Coach Jones, a Team and a Sunflower Seed

“Coach, I have something for you.” “You do?” With a sly smile on his face, he reaches deep into his backpack, rummaging around for a second. As his hand slides out, resting on his tiny palm is a sunflower seed. Our very own Cara Jones, Director of GR8 Sports Great ...
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Sigsbee: a vibrant community, a needed playground!

Stop by Sigsbee School and Park, and you will see parents scattered around picnic tables as children run and play. Sigsbee Park, in the heart of Eastown just off of Fuller and Wealthy Streets, has always been a community gathering spot.  For the past several years, the Eastown Community Association ...
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Summer, Summer Time!

The smell of fresh cut grass, firing up the grill, and children’s laughter echoing through neighborhoods can mean only one thing – school is almost out! 13 more days, to be exact, and students will be set free into the wild arms of another beautiful Michigan summer. Anxiously anticipating the ...
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Connected. Active. Engaged.

I remember how excited I was for the first day of art class. The teacher would send a note home to parents asking them to make sure to send along an old shirt that could get messy. MESSY! Being a child who loved to make things and get my hands ...
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