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My Story: I am Yamaka Bracey

I walk like a leader. I talk like a leader. I act like a leader, because I am a leader. Every morning our students are reminded of who they are. These words, in there simplicity, speak volumes. Resonating in our students a sense of safety, responsibility and respect towards themselves, ...
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Free Access to After School Sports

Did you know that almost half of all student athletes in the U.S. are required to pay-to-play? In West Michigan alone, it is estimated that 68% of school districts use the pay to play model for athletics. A disturbing result - athletes who are part of pay to play school ...
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Go Green!

Go Green! Go White! Let's go MSU! Fight. Fight. Fight! Thanks to the generosity of the West Michigan Spartans, more than 160 4th grade students enjoyed a college game day experience! On September 9, Sibley, Stocking, Congress and Burton Elementary Schools hopped on buses, College Bound for East Lansing. Greeted ...
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The Sigsbee Playground is Complete!

Together we CAN make a difference! “I have been invested in this park for a long time and have worked to make improvements. This playground is more and better than I could have ever imagined.” Tony Martin, Eastown Resident Tony, a former Eastown Community Association board member, and long-time resident ...
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Make a Difference!

In Full Swing The 2017/18 school year has begun and is in full swing! Classrooms are buzzing with newness and excitement. Budding friendships are taking shape and leaves are beginning their graceful transition to autumn hues. As students begin their trek along another year of educational adventures, we at the ...
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