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Special Initiatives & Named Fund Grants

Responding to Special Needs

Occasionally, the Grand Rapids Public Schools or its students have a need outside the scope of academics that is nonetheless a barrier to full and active participation in learning.   On a case by case basis, the Student Advancement Foundation will develop a special initiative to address these critical need.  Currently the Foundation has three special initiatives:  GR8 Sports, Great Kids; The Principal’s Student Support Fund and the Coit/Civic Theatre Project.  Learn more about GR8 Sports, Great Kids here.

Principal’s Student Support Fund

The Student Advancement Foundation provides these funds, at the school principal’s discretion, to resolve urgent or essential needs of individual students.  Principals’ Student Support funds are typically last resort and are only granted when no other community resource is available to help.

During the 2015/2016 School Year, the Foundation made grants totalling $22,819 through the Principal’s Student Support Fund.  Granted requests included:  School uniforms, dentist appointments, attendance challenge incentives and special school-wide enrichment trips or experiences.

Coit/ Civic Theatre Project

$7,450 to support 20 students participation in the Civic Theatre’s School of Theatre Arts award winning after-school education program.   The students participated in the three Theatre Wheel sessions during the school year:  Scene Study, Characterization and Improv.   The participating students are second, third and fourth graders from GRPS’ Coit Creative Arts Academy.

Coit School focuses on students’ needs, interests and talents by integrating the arts into all subject areas. Over 86% of the students receive federal free or reduced school lunch and face tremendous access barriers related to poverty.  This program removes the economic barriers and allows Coit students to participate alongside their peers from other surrounding school districts in this award winning theatre program.   This program covers the cost of the program, transportation to the Civic Theatre and home each night of class and snacks for participating students.