110 High School Students Recognized as Rising Scholars

Last week, 110 students became Rising Scholars, a distinction that is awarded to high school students who complete Summer Learning Academies (SLA), a program of believe2become. In order to become a Rising Scholar, students must take summer classes, participate in SLA activities and internships, as well as meet both attendance and grade goals for fall semester.  Students invest hundreds of hours in study and enrichment experiences to prepare them for the next steps after high school, including college and their careers.

Rising Scholars Mar 3On March 3, the students who successfully completed an SLA program were recognized in front of proud parents, family and caring adults during the Rising Scholars ceremony in the Loosemoore Auditorium at Grand Valley State University. Each student walked across the stage with a certificate of achievement, while bulbs flashed and cheers erupted.

“I’ve come to believe that the people who are most successful in life are the ones who have three important qualities: flexibility, fortitude and discipline,” said Michele Suchovsky, executive director of the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation. “I think all 110 of you have demonstrated all three.”

At the end of the evening, each student left with either a tablet computer or a gift card to continue the journey to lifelong success.

“We know that the biggest award is the one they’ve already received: the sense of accomplishment and purpose that comes from setting a goal, working hard and achieving what you set out to do,” SLA program officer, Tasha Cruz, told the parents. “That is something that will never lose power, never crash and never get lost.”

Interested in applying for a 2016 Summer Learning Academies?  Check out the believe2become website or visit your school guidance counselor today.

Rising Scholars is a partnership program of Grand Rapids Public Schools, the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation, the Summer Learning Academies and believe2become.

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