Pictures Tell the Story

For the students at GRPS’ Pine Grove Learning Center – a school for children with special physical, cognitive or emotional needs – verbal communication can sometimes present some unique challenges.

Pine Grove principal Toni Moore proposed a solution: photo diaries.

“Pictures are so powerful at Pine Grove that a camera is never far out of reach,” Moore said. “It is vitally important that each of our classrooms is equipped with a working camera with adequate data storage and memory card capability.”

Teachers and staff capture pictures throughout the school day that are used in and around the classroom to create connections with the students. The pictures are sent home to families, sharing the small joys and successes of each day.

“The students have difficulties in many areas of life, but here at school we can always catch a smile, a bright-eyed look or an expression of surprise or discovery during an inquisitive moment,” Moore said.

To ensure that every classroom had access to this critical teaching and communication tool, the school needed to obtain three more cameras. Through a grant from the Student Advancement Foundation Principals Student Support Fund, Pine Grove purchased three digital cameras and memory cards. Principal Moore’s request was one of more than 40 principal fund grants made over the past year. These grants average between $250 and $1,500 and provide critical resources to principals and students.

Thanks to the grant, the Pine Grove students have even more reason to smile.

The Principals Student Support Fund addresses essential needs preventing GRPS students from fully participating in learning. With an initial gift from the Amway Corporation, the fund allows principals to quickly remedy problems like broken eyeglasses, classroom lice outbreaks, and outgrown school uniforms, so that staff can focus on teaching and kids can focus on learning. For more information on the PSSF, please email Salina at [email protected]

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