GR8 Girls = Great Students = Tomorrow’s Leaders

We already know that school sports enhance the lives of all students, but even more so for female athletes.


Studies show that women and girls who participate in sports get higher grades, have lower dropout rates, are less likely to use drugs, have lower pregnancy rates and are more likely to graduate college. The younger these girls participate in sports, the more likely they will keep fitness and athletics in their adult lives. In fact, it’s been proven that if girls do not participate in sports by the age of 10, there is less than a 10 percent chance they will have an active lifestyle by the time they are 25.


In order to give girls in Grand Rapids Public Schools the opportunity to be involved in student athletics, Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation’s GR8 Sports, Great Kids initiative created GR8 Girls as its subcommittee. With this community investment, GRPS offers nine sports to girls in grades 6-8, and four to elementary age girls—all at no cost to students or their families. This year, more than 2,000 girls will participate in athletics in GRPS, thanks to GR8 Sports, Great Kids and GR8 Girls.


GR8 Girls includes kids like Dahlia, a 12-year-old, three-sport athlete and high-achieving student at Kim_Shelley_Cara after Gaz GirlUPrep.


“Middle school sports are important because it shows you what you’re good at—and what you need to improve on,” Dahlia said.


And Dahlia’s ambitions aren’t limited to the playing field.


“As a girl, I can do anything,” she said.


And now there’s a way to use your keen eye for fashion to support student athletes like Dahlia. One-of-a-kind GR8 Girls t-shirts are available for purchase just in time for spring race season. In fact, a few inspiring women were recently spotted wearing them at the Gazelle Girl race and working out at CKO Kickboxing. The shirts will go fast, so reserve yours today and join us in supporting girl’s after-school sports in Grand Rapids Public Schools. All proceeds go directly to support the GR8 Girls program.


If you’re looking for a place to wear your new t-shirt, look no further than the inaugural HopCat Full Circle 5k!  This Sunday, May 29, join HopCat and GR8 Sports, Great Kids at 4 p.m. for a 5k race with beer at every aid station! This may be the only race where the competitors’ “hydration” concerns will top shooting for a personal record.


Get more information and register online: HopCat Full Circle 5k.

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