Girls in Sports

Rock Climbing.  Softball.  Track.  Football.  150 middle school girls from throughout Grand Rapids Public Schools.  Mix together, and what do you have?  The annual Girls in Sports day at Grand Valley State University.

Rock climbingIn January, seventh and eighth grade girls gathered at GVSU’s Kelly Family Sports Center to participate in skills clinics for eight different sports.  From the traditional, like track and softball, to newer experiences like golf, rock climbing and football, these young athletes gained knowledge and experience that will help them both on and off the field.  All of the clinics were led by GVSU coaches and student-athletes, who donated their time and knowledge to make the day truly special.

GVSU Associate Athletic Director Keri Becker shared why this day is so important to her and why GVSU opens up their resources to the next generation: “I love giving these girls exposure to different sports.  For many, it could be their first time holding a golf club.  But it’s more than that.  It is [the girls] seeing a college campus.  It is being with college students.  It’s all a part of it.”

After dinner, the girls were invited to watch the GVSU Women Lakers basketball game against Northwood University.  The Lakers won—capping off a perfect day.  GVSU Associate Professor Dana Munk, who helped organize Girls in Sports day, summed it up best: “For me, it’s seeing their faces so full of promise and potential.”

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