We talk about it, but rarely do it. The reasons are many and usually led by: “I just don’t have the time!”

At SAF that is certainly true. From our luncheon and MindShare gala to meetings with volunteers and from GR8 Sports, Great Kids to supporting great programs in GRPS, the SAF team has very full days. And we love it! The best part of our work is when we can connect our community to the wonderful things happening in GRPS with our students.

But planning is important too. It helps us to be the best that we can be for our district, our students and for our family of supporters. So last week, that is what we did- we took a day and devoted it to planning!

Our conversation centered a lot around YOU, our wonderful community.   We reviewed our volunteer opportunities, our special events and communications efforts. We looked at the successes of our wonderful school district and the needs, and where SAF fits in.

Our plans center around five essential questions:

  • Are we serving the community- YOU!- well?
  • Do you hear from us too much? Not enough?
  • Do the stories we share resonate with you?
  • Do you know how much we value your partnership and support?
  • Can you see what a difference that you are making to our schools and students?

We talked a lot about how we are doing this year.   We want to finish the school year strong. To keep up the work that we are doing and push ourselves to do even a little better.

We ended our planning day energized and ready for the finish of the school year. But I still think about these five essential questions. How would you answer any of these questions? How can we serve you and our community better?

And know that you ARE making a difference every day through your generosity, your time and your voice. Together our students learn, grow and thrive. One student recently described the impact of SAF best: “It’s like winning the lottery, but everyone wins!”

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