Bienvenido a Southwest Community Campus!

“Caminando. Caminando,” Principal Carmen Fernandez gently urges her students as they make their way to their next destination. The students smile, bump in to each other, giggle and then quickly slow their fast moving feet.

One of the best parts of our job, is when we have an opportunity to visit a school! Gracious enough to open their doors to our March Student Advancement Foundation board meeting, the Southwest Community Campus (SWCC) invited us to be a part of their day and immerse us in their student culture. More than 500 Pre-K through 8th grade students consider this school, in SW Grand Rapids, their educational home.

During our visit, student volunteers acted as guides and took us along on a special behind the scenes tour. Our journey included an inside glimpse of school life at SWCC  as we traversed staircases, roamed halls, visited classes, crisscrossed the busy lunchroom and walked alongside students as they moved through their daily schedule!

The halls and classrooms were bursting with student art and classwork in both Spanish and English, merging the rich culture at SWCC.  Principal Fernandez eloquently demonstrated how SWCC has come to be a highly regarded school within and outside the GRPS community.

Through its proven success as one of the only dual immersion English/Spanish programs in West Michigan, the SWCC is also one of only 18 designated “Cultural Centers,” that provides highly qualified bilingual teachers to support English Language Learners. A school dedicated to ensuring each student is presented with an opportunity to build upon their unique skill-sets, the teachers and faculty of SWCC look to provide the additional tools for students to achieve great success… With an overarching goal for students to become proficient in both Spanish and English languages.

Muchas gracias, SWCC!

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