Summer, Summer Time!

The smell of fresh cut grass, firing up the grill, and children’s laughter echoing through neighborhoods can mean only one thing – school is almost out!

13 more days, to be exact, and students will be set free into the wild arms of another beautiful Michigan summer.

Anxiously anticipating the tick of the clock – each tock a reminder of the coming freedom –  students and teachers have begun the school turn-down preparations. A well-choreographed dance of wrapping up classwork, administering final exams, submitting grades; each class checks off an end-of-year task on a large to do list. Students begin tidying up their spaces where beat-up binders, broken pencils and fraying papers take up residence; where worn out lockers chock-full of scattered remnants of lunches past, broken pen caps, papers and pieces of lead pool in the hard reaching corners of the dented, metal bins are cleaned out.

Before the transition, we at SAF want to take a few moments to say thank you and congratulations to our teachers and students for another great year.  And what a year it has been!  From kindergartners picking up a violin for the first time to a district-wide orchestra and band festival for middle and high school students.  From a fun-filled Saturday at an MSU football game with 160 elementary students to a trip to Washington D.C. for 30 high schoolers.  And from a cheering crowd at the opening football game to parents cheering on fourth graders in their first track meet.

Our students of GRPS are learning and they are growing. Thank you for sharing your talents with us and letting us join you on your journey.  What fun it has been to see you thrive! And thank you teachers for letting us tell your stories and celebrate in your successes.  As we approach the end of another amazing school year, we know that because of the outpouring of support, collaboration and unrivaled advocacy, our schools and students are making history – but we are not finished! The Student Advancement Foundation is fueled by one goal, fund opportunities to ensure student success. By focusing on meeting the needs of our district, the Student Advancement Foundation can provide all students in GRPS the chance to learn, grow, thrive and reach far beyond their potential!

Thank you for joining us and welcome to summer!

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