Game Time, Play Time

Every Grand Rapids Public Schools (GRPS) student deserves every opportunity to succeed. And as the exclusive fundraising partner of GRPS, the Student Advancement Foundation (SAF) is dedicated to raising funds that benefit each and every student.

One such fund, earmarked to resolve urgent or essential needs of students as well as cover the cost of incentives or class trips, is the Principals Student Support Fund (PSSF). Sometimes viewed as a last resort fund, money can be used in many different ways. Proposals outlining the need(s) are submitted by principals and reviewed by the SAF and funds, up to $1000, are disbursed.

Most recently, funds were distributed to Mulick Park and Palmer Elementary Schools to build a game library. Hungry Hungry Hippos, Connect Four, Kerplunk and Jenga were amongst the many games purchased. As the brand-new games arrived in classrooms, students took to cajoling other students into friendly competition – whose hippo would be the hungriest and eat the most marbles? Who would topple the Jenga tower?

Thanks to the Principals Student Support Fund, Mulick Park and Palmer Elementary Schools now have game libraries worth their weight in gold! Students from both schools can access these fun and educational games on rainy days and during indoor recess and will be used by teachers as additional positive behavior incentives.

All funds raised and managed by the Student Advancement Foundation are crucial to supporting students’ learning by helping to remove barriers that may challenge their success. The goal of the Student Advancement Foundation is to ensure that every GRPS student is given opportunities to learn, grow and thrive.

For more information on PSSF or other special funding opportunities and initiatives click here.

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