Go Green!

Go Green! Go White! Let’s go MSU! Fight. Fight. Fight!

In line for the bounce house!

Thanks to the generosity of the West Michigan Spartans, more than 160 4th grade students enjoyed a college game day experience! On September 9, Sibley, Stocking, Congress and Burton Elementary Schools hopped on buses, College Bound for East Lansing.

Greeted by a throng of be-speckled MSU fans, a wave of green and white lined the walkways and lawns as tailgate celebrations prepared to indulge! An exciting adventure proved to be in store for students – arriving to a welcoming group of MSU Alumni and an inviting bounce house, students were corralled into a giant tent to grab their lunches. Gobbling up the amazingly delicious sandwiches, chips and cookies, students quickly staked out their claim in the bounce house line!

In a flurry, Sparty arrived with a thrill. Students quickly ran to greet the over-muscled mascot with high-fives and

Sparty and students!

screams of excitement! Signing shirts and playing catch, Sparty was the bell of the ball and his departure was met with a collective sigh. As if on cue, MSU President Simon came to the rescue and made her appearance. Gathering the young guests together, President Simon spoke of the importance of going to college and whether you are an MSU student hopeful, current student or alumni the sense of MSU community is carried with you throughout your life.  Joining the prestigious guests was Coach Izzo! Addressing the students, Coach made quite the impact. After an inspiring pep talk, one student asked Coach Izzo whether or not he’d be at the game. Coach replied with a chuckle, “Yeah, I’ll be at the game too. Maybe I’ll come up and sit by you!”

When the pre-game festivities came to a close, students lined up to join the 75,000+ in attendance for the much anticipated MSU vs WMU game. Walking into the stadium, students were in awe of the crowd, the game-day music and the sheer size of the venue. Finding their seats, students were able to cheer on the Spartans to a fantastic 28-14 victory!

2017 marked the 8th Annual GRPS Tailgate & Game at MSU. A big thank you to West Michigan Spartans, Dean Transportation, Joan & Peter Secchia, Don VanDine & Wells Fargo, B. John Essex & Port City Group and Plante Moran for this wonderful experience and event!

Interested in providing a meaningful educational experience for GRPS students? Give us a call – 988.5430 – or write to us at [email protected], we’d be happy to chat!

MSU Game Day group shot!

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