Cara Jones YNPN GR 2017 Leadership Good-to-Great Award

Have you met our friend Cara?

Cara Jones is not your average Joan… In fact, the word average and Cara shouldn’t even be in the same sentence!

And surprise, this non-average, quite extraordinary woman has been nominated for the YNPN GR 2017 Leadership Award in the Good-to-Great category! This award recognizes an individual who has inspired a program to achieve a level of greatness. Surely she is a shoo-in and will take home this award. I mean come on, Cara is our wonderfully dedicated Director of GR8 Sports, Great Kids, and GR8 Girls, a volunteer track coach for Mulick Park Elementary, a devoted wife, a loving mother, daughter, sister and loyal friend… greatness is all over the place wherever Cara is concerned.

Throughout Cara’s fundraising career, she has devoted her time and energy to inspiring change. Setting her mind to something and following through to its ultimate success is Cara’s signature move. Reliable, genuine and humble, Cara has a spirit of giving and making an impact. Her number one characteristic though? She makes those around her feel included and valued.

Here are a few things her friends here at the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation have to say about our GREAT Cara:

Cara is especially deserving of this recognition. She took what was just an idea and created a robust and exciting opportunity to engage the community around after-school sports for K-8 GRPS students. Her ability to energize in endlessly creative ways is something I admire most.
– Michele Suchovsky, Executive Director

Cara truly doesn’t let the minor details or challenges ruin the end goal. The strides GR8 Sports, Great Kids has been able to make, is solely due to Cara’s upbeat personality and her inability to give up. She is driven to make a difference every single day!
– Cindy Conkle, Director of Development

Her laugh! Cara makes even the mundane aspects of life a joy through her laughter! Cara is authentic and makes working alongside her inspiring. I can think of no better person to receive this recognition.
– Salina Bishop, Manager of Communications & Grants  

Cara with GR8 Girls Committee Member, Elyse Mathos – both YNPN Leadership Award Recipients!

In every aspect of her life, Cara represents GR8 Sports, Great Kids. She lives it, breathes it and truly believes in the impact sports can have on a student. Cara always goes a step above to make people feel special.
– Meghan Grimshaw, Development Coordinator 

Her work with GR8 Sports, Great Kids is more than just a 9-5 job. This program is the heart and soul of Cara. Everything she does is for good.
– MayLena Dickson, Administrative Assistant.

And Cara, what do you have to say about this nomination?

“I feel honored. But most importantly, I hope that one day GR8 Sports, Great Kids has made such an impact on a student that they find themselves receiving this award for leadership. It’s the mission behind the program!”

Please join us in congratulating Cara. Win or lose, Cara exemplifies selflessness, compassion and perseverance. And we at the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation count ourselves lucky to be her friends.

* By the way, we are excited to announce that Cara took home the Leadership Good-to-Great award last night!

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