Season in Review

Last week, GR8 Sports, Great Kids hosted the 2nd Annual Season in Review. An opportunity for supporters – our team – to come together and cheer for the triumphs and successes of all GRPS student athletes. Guests were introduced to Albert, Jazlynn and Calob. Student athletes who set-forth and are prospering! To prosper in academics

Cara, the self-proclaimed founder of the “Albert Fan Club”,  meets Albert!

and sports, these students show up every day to do their best and set an example to other students about what being GRPS proud really means. Their attitudes of working hard, together – although on separate teams – speaks to their abilities to get what some of us adults don’t – teamwork. For Jazlynn and Calob, who shared their stories and for Albert who unknowingly arrived to a room celebrating his compassionate heart, this “Review” brought to light the lasting impact sports can have on students.

Throughout the event, a simple message was conveyed – WE are all part of the community that is running our student athletes towards the finish line. It’s the committees and community supporters that help make GR8 Sports, Great Kids the success it is today and will continue to be. It’s the athletics staff at GRPS who make sure the coaches, volunteers and athletes have what they need to triumph.

We heard from Superintendent Teresa Weatherall Neal who elaborated on the importance of athletics in school. Drawing attention to the facts that participation in sports reaps lifelong benefits – from health and wellness to academic success. And no matter the district, sports has the potential to play a key role in student’s lives. However, a barrier does exist – cost.

Hitting on a disturbing phenomenon brought to light by an article in Time magazine, Cara Jones director of GR8 Sports, Great Kids explored the growing business of kids’ sports -a now $15.3 billion industry. Sharing an appalling estimate that between league fees, camps, equipment, training and travel, American families are spending as much as 10% of their household income on sports! These estimates beg the question “What happens to the kids who don’t have the means to keep up?”

The good news, Grand Rapids has once again figured out how to beat the national trend! At GRPS – season to season – student athletes make their way on to fields, courts and swimming pools representing GRPS with pride and without the worry of cost. Because of donor dollars, and the continuous support of our wonderful community, GR8 Sports, Great Kids makes sure everyone is included! Some students take home wins, some take home losses, but that isn’t the impact. The impact is far greater, it’s about the opportunity for these students to participate, to cross a finish line and to try something new.

To learn more about how you can be a part of beating the national trend, click here !

After the Season in Review Breakfast was a preview of a battle – Battle of the Brackets that is! Watch as Alexis Rangel of Lake Michigan Credit Union and Jeff Lambert of Lambert, Edwards & Associates go toe to toe!

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