The Battle is ON!

Did you know you have 1 in 9.2 Quintillion (that’s 18 zeroes!) of filling out a perfect bracket for March Madness? Seems possible, don’t you think?

We thought so too… Well kind of. Wanting to embrace the Grand Rapids workforce’s competitive spirit, while also raising money for GRPS K-8 student athletics, GR8 Sports, Great Kids is introducing, Battle of the Brackets. And a battle it will be!

When companies throughout Grand Rapids and beyond make a single $1,000 contribution they will be entered into the March Madness we like to call Battle of the Brackets! What do the companies get in return? Bragging rights of course and a trophy. Which by our estimate has far greater worth than shear dollars. We’re talking law firm against law firm, accountants against accountants, cats and dogs falling from the sky. March is already proving to be a knock out drag out fight… but we’re keeping it on the court and social media! Follow us on Facebook now!

So how can you and your company get involved in the Battle? Easy. Send us your entry fee and we will send you instructions on how to join, how to raise extra funds, and how to track your standings. Click here to sign up now!

We joke, but this event is important. Here’s our story. Basketball is in our blood. Remember those Gus Macker Tournaments? Well, the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation was created as a vehicle through which funds raised from those Gus Macker Tournaments would support GRPS athletics. 

But then Gus left, and so did the funding for athletics.

That’s where GR8 Sports, Great Kids comes in – and you too. Thanks to the generosity of donors, GR8 Sports, Great Kids – a division of the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation – continues to provide funding for both middle and elementary school sports at GRPS. Last year alone, 15 middle-school and six elementary-level sports were offered, allowing more than 5,400 K-8 students to participate in soccer, basketball, volleyball -the list goes on – all at no cost to the students or their families!

What are you waiting for?

Sign up now for this year’s Battle of the Brackets!

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