West Michigan Companies Vied for the Win – Only Two Triumphed!

Incredible news – during our Battle of the Brackets competition one lucky person filled out a perfect bracket… Joe

This is what defeat looks like – Joe DiBenedetto

DiBenedetto of Lambert Edwards & Associates! Totally kidding. He lost and pretty bad for that matter! Sorry Joe.

Although nobody submitted a perfect bracket (see Joe), March was filled with madness. And K-8 students of GRPS benefited from the more than 25 teams that participated!

GR8 Sports, Great Kids – a division of the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation – relies on the generosity of residents and companies throughout Grand Rapids to continue offering 15 middle-school sports and six elementary-level sports at GRPS.  With more than 70% of the school districts in the Ottawa – Kent (O-K) Athletic Conference requiring some form of pay-to-play, this funding is needed now more than ever.

That’s where Battle of the Brackets came in! The Battle is essentially the perfect storm, if you will, to create an opportunity for Grand Rapids companies to gain bragging rights and a pretty awesome trophy while coming alongside GRPS K-8 athletics. The Battle pitted accountant against accountant, bank versus bank, in an all-out, knockdown, drag-out fight – all to provide funding for both middle and elementary school sports at GRPS.

We’re sad to see Battle of the Brackets come to an end, but we promise to be back next year, and the next and the next! For now, we will continue to celebrate the Grand Rapids community who helped make the 2nd Annual Battle of the Brackets a success.

Meet the 2018 Women’s Bracket Battle of the Brackets Winner – Voisard Asset Management

We’d like to give a shout out to the incredible teams who put their basketball bracket know-how and “all in good fun” smack talk to good use – thank you for ensuring GRPS K-8 students have access to athletics at no cost to them! Food for thought – perhaps your participation will have helped cultivate one student athlete’s journey to March Madness 2023!

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CONGRATULATIONS to our 2018 Winners!

Women’s Bracket Winner – Voisard Asset Management Group

Men’s Bracket Winner – Crowe Horwath

Thank you to all the participating BATTLE teams

Participation companies in this year’s Battle of the Brackets!

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