Goodbye: A farewell message from our fantastic intern

This week’s blog was written by none other than Ms. Joslyn TenBrink! 

A few months ago we welcomed Joslyn, our very first intern. Now her time here has come to an end and we are really sad. 


I want to start by thanking everyone at the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation (GRSAF) for welcoming me into their office as their first intern with open arms. I could not have asked for better people to work with and learn from during my time here at GRSAF. The constant laughter (including you all laughing at my bad jokes!) and the fun that was had in the office (and out) has truly made this time extremely enjoyable. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you all have done for me!

What I’ve learned while being an Intern here:

Was this experience what I expected?

During the time when many of my classmates were getting their upcoming internships squared away, I had no idea

Joslyn (left) with Director of GR8 Sports, Great Kids Cara Jones

what path I wanted to take in the Sport Management field. I felt very lost. I knew that I loved Sport Management and had an idea that I may want to work for a non-profit organization that involved sports, but was unaware of what organizations were out there that encompassed both. At this time, I had never heard of GR8 Sports, Great Kids. I was blessed to have been referred to this organization through a professor. When I first found out that I received this internship, I was extremely excited, but also very nervous. This was going to be my very first internship and my first opportunity to “work” in the world of Sport Management and the non-profit industry. I was confident that I was prepared to do well in this position because of the mentors and professors that have taught me what I know and guided me into the professional I am today.

I am beyond pleased with my experience working with the Grand Rapids Student Advancement foundation and GR8 Sports, Great Kids. I have learned very valuable information and have experienced many different things, from attending meetings, doing administrative tasks, finishing up Battle of the Brackets, and sharpening my written and verbal communication skills. After completing this internship, I feel much more prepared to work in the industry and excel in whatever position I am blessed to receive.

Best part of the internship:

I LOVED being in the office for 3 days each week and learning from the staff of the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation. Each staff member was so kind to me and would answer any question that I had. I also loved working with my Director, Cara. She gave me many enjoyable and challenging tasks and trusted me to complete them with minimal supervision. I truly looked forward to coming into work each and every day.

What I have taken away from this internship:

Working as an intern for GR8 Sports, Great Kids has given me so much confidence in my ability to succeed as a professional. This internship was the perfect transition for me from being a full-time student to being a full time professional in the Sport Management field. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I am so excited to see where life takes me!

From the team here at the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation, CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation. Joslyn, you are destined to do GR8 things! 


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