Meet Cindy!

Meet Cindy Conkle. Our Director of Annual Fund, resident guru of gratefulness and a Harry Potter fanatic! Working with the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation (GRSAF) team, Cindy shares her love and knowledge for all things Grand Rapids through her leadership of our signature events MindShare and the Foundation for the Future Luncheon.

Read on to learn more about Cindy!

The best advice you’ve ever received:

Stay grounded.  My mother taught me that it’s important to stay grounded, whether that was physically, with your feet in the dirt, or mentally, remembering who you are and not straying from that too much.

This is how I unwind:

I’m becoming more and more of a night owl.  I unwind with Netflix and my couch after my kids have gone to bed and I feel accomplished with my day’s to-do list.

I dream of vacationing in:

Anywhere by a lake!  I was born in the right state, that’s for sure.  I’m always more relaxed when sitting by or in a lake.  Doesn’t have to be fancy for me, a lake, a nice chair and a drink and I’m happy!

I admire:

Those that stay genuine.

I love my job because:

It takes a village to raise a child and I like the village around our GRPS students.  And I like adding to it and building upon it and that’s what I get to do at GRSAF.

I like to quote:

Albus Dumbledore:  “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” From: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Tell me about your family including your fur family if applicable:

My family includes my husband, my two daughters and my two large dogs.  We are known to make a pile of all of us in bed on Saturday mornings!  My girls are bright, sassy, caring and considerate, depending on the day.  I’m so proud of husband for going back to school and for the patience he has with being outnumbered by woman everyday of his life.  Our dogs are big, old and sleep a lot!


*Photo above is Cindy and her children Abby and Olive*

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