The Battle is ON!

GR8 Sports, Great Kids introduces the second season of Battle of the Brackets

The excitement is mounting and the competition is preparing – preparing for another great season of Battle of the Brackets. Embracing the Grand Rapids workforce’s competitive spirit, while also raising money for Grand Rapids Public Schools K-8 student athletics, GR8 Sports, Great Kids is excited to announce its second March battle, Battle of the Brackets. And a battle it will be!

GR8 Sports, Great Kids – a division of the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation – relies on the generosity of residents and companies throughout Grand Rapids to continue offering middle-school sports and elementary-level sports at GRPS.  With more than 70% of the school districts in the Ottawa – Kent (O-K) Athletic Conference requiring some form of pay-to-play, this funding is needed now more than ever.

This is where Battle of the Brackets comes in!

The Battle is essentially the perfect storm, if you will, to create an opportunity for Grand Rapids companies to gain bragging rights and a pretty awesome trophy while also coming alongside GRPS K-8 athletics. In its inaugural year, more than 25 business participated – pitting accountant against accountant, bank versus bank, law firm against law firm, in an all-out, knockdown, drag-out fight – all to provide funding for both middle and elementary school sports at GRPS.

We joke, but this event is important. Here’s its story. Basketball has been in our blood from our very beginning. Remember those Gus Macker Tournaments? Well, the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation was created as a vehicle through which funds raised from those Gus Macker Tournaments would support GRPS athletics. But then Gus left, and so did the funding for athletics.

The good news, season after season, student athletes make their way on to fields, courts and swimming pools representing GRPS with pride. Because of donor dollars, participants in events like Battle of the Brackets, and the continuous support of our wonderful community, 15 middle-school and six elementary-level sports are offered. This support allows more than 5,500 GRPS K-8 students to participate in soccer, basketball, volleyball -the list goes on – all at no cost to the students or their families!

Although the probability of filling out a perfect bracket is only 1 in 9.2 Quintillion (that’s 18 zeroes!), the likelihood of making a tremendous impact on GRPS student athletes is 100%. Of course the Battle will render teams’ winners and losers all in good fun, it will also – most importantly – help make possible the opportunity for students to access sports, to participate, to cross a finish line and to try something new.

For information on how you can get involved with GR8 Sports, Great Kids or how your business can participate in Battle of the Brackets, visit www.grsaf.org.

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