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110 High School Students Recognized as Rising Scholars

Last week, 110 students became Rising Scholars, a distinction that is awarded to high school students who complete Summer Learning Academies (SLA), a program of believe2become. In order to become a Rising Scholar, students must take summer classes, participate in SLA activities and internships, as well as meet both attendance ...
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Pictures Tell the Story

For the students at GRPS’ Pine Grove Learning Center – a school for children with special physical, cognitive or emotional needs – verbal communication can sometimes present some unique challenges. Pine Grove principal Toni Moore proposed a solution: photo diaries. “Pictures are so powerful at Pine Grove that a camera ...
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The Grand Rapids Public Museum Hosts Students in an Immersive Learning Landscape

For one week, more than 100 Burton Elementary School fifth graders called the Grand Rapids Public Museum their classroom. This unique learning opportunity happened through GRPM’s Immerse program, where students move from their everyday classrooms and have a completely new learning experience for a week. Students learn through museum collections, ...
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Film Screening Will Raise Money for Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation

When budget cuts happen within school districts, arts education programs are usually the first to go. This happens despite numerous studies that show arts education is beneficial for children. According to Americans for the Arts, students that are involved in the arts are four times more likely to be recognized ...
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SAF Launches Fundraising Campaign to Ensure Free After-school Sports

Not all students have access to after-school sports programs. In fact, 60 percent of school districts in the United States require their students to pay to participate in sports at the middle school and high school levels. Many school districts don’t even offer sports to elementary-aged students. Through a formal ...
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