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Arts Education


The Arts fosters creative learning and helps children to stay connected, active and engaged in school.

Studies of child brain development show that quality arts education is one of only six factors that encourage healthy brain development in children.

Teaching with the Brain in Mind,  Dr. Eric Jensen


Recent Grants

$51,500   To Grand Rapids Public Schools to purchase arts and music supplies for arts education for all grades and ages in GRPS’ 43 schools. “The money is being used to provide the extra exciting things used in art class that students look forward to like fluorescent paint, texture rubbing sheets, tortillians for blending pencil drawings, Sharpies, and watercolor paint. I’m forever grateful that this money is allowed to the art teachers of Grand Rapids Public Schools. I’d have run out of paper long ago if it weren’t for the Student Advancement Foundation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  GRPS Art Teacher

$24,500  To Grand Rapids Public Schools for arts enrichment trips for all first through sixth grade students, approximately 8,500 students, in Grand Rapids Public Schools.   This grant will be used for trip admission costs, fees and transportation expenses.  These trips will include:   Grand Rapids Children’s Museum (First Grade); Grand Rapids Civic Theatre (Second Grade); Grand Rapids Art Museum (Third Grade); Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park (Fourth & Sixth Grades); and Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra (Fifth Grade).

“Dear SAF,   Thank you for inviting Sibley to see the musical [at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre].  My favorite part was when the actors were singing.  I loved the part when Alexander was afraid to go to the dentist.  I also liked when the crocdile came up, and I liked it because it scared me.   I really, really enjoyed it.  Thank you.  Sincerely, Yesnia.”

$3,000  To support Operatunity at Alger Middle School. Alger students partner with Opera Grand Rapids throughout the school year to read and stage a student opera production in the spring.

“All of the items purchased will be used in direct instruction for the Burton MS band students. All of the items connect directly to the state & national standards and GRPS standards of Rhyth-mic & Melodic literacy. Thank you so much for your support of our program!”