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Literacy Book Reading

Fostering literacy and encouraging a love of reading to ensure that all GRPS students have the skills needed to succeed in life.

Children with the lowest reading scores account for 33% of all students, yet they account for 63% of all children who do not graduate from high school.

Annie E Casey Foundation


Recent Grants


$23,570  Grant to purchase new and updated library materials for schools throughout GRPS, with a special focus on increasing the availability of diverse titles both in book and in digital content media.

$5,000 Grant to purchase specific environmental theme books for CA Frost Environmental Academy, specifically addressing the need for the expanding middle and high school.

“Having this library at Sibley as well-stocked as it is, I can tell you that this is the spot that has the biggest impact on the kids, because they are choosing the books themselves instead of the teachers choosing for them.”
– Andrew Alvesteffer, Principal

Literacy Reading Book Corner