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Teammate Thursday — Meet Adrian

Teammate Thursday — Meet Adrian

Meet Adrian—a standout GR8 Sports athlete and GRPS student.

Adrian excels on the swim, basketball, and softball teams at City Middle School. She started playing sports on her elementary school teams, running cross country and playing basketball. As a teammate, Adrian is the real deal. She’s quick to describe a moment when she felt like her team worked really well together:

“Our coach had prepared us, both mentally and physically, for our semi-finals basketball game against Riverside,” she said. “We knew they were going to be a very difficult team to beat—we’d lost to them during the regular season. We were ahead most of the game, but Riverside came back and pulled ahead in the fourth quarter. We all wanted to win so badly for our school and that desire was causing us to break down and not function as a team. There were time outs called, tears, frustration, but most importantly, there was team work in those last few minutes. It was our teamwork, both on offense and defense, that in the final minute of the game helped us tie, and with seconds left, pull ahead and win. That game and how it took all of us working together—that’s a game I will think back on for a very long time.  It taught me how to be a better teammate.”

Adrian works just as hard off the field. She’s a member of the Junior Honor Society, likes science and history, helps elementary athletes by volunteer coaching, and maintains a 4.0 grade in school. Adrian’s school experiences have helped shape these leadership characteristics. She remarks that in elementary and now middle school at GRPS, she’s learned the importance of community, how to be self-motivated, and the value of a strong work ethic and being a lifelong learner.

“I didn’t learn all these things from just one or two teachers, but from all the teachers that have been part of my education,” Adrian said.

The Student Advancement Foundation is proud to highlight GR8 Sports athletes like Adrian, who set demonstrate a commitment to education, a healthy lifestyle, community involvement, and especially, true TEAM SPIRIT!

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