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GRPS Teachers and Staff are the BEST!

GRPS Teachers and Staff are the BEST!

“I heard your teacher is the best!” exclaimed the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation’s executive director Michele Suchovsky as she entered a 2nd grade classroom carrying a special gift. “Don’t you agree?”

Cheers erupt from the students as their teacher looked on in curiosity.

Passing the gift over to the teacher, Michele gratefully spoke, “We are so thankful for you and your commitment to the students of GRPS.”

To say we’ve been busy is an understatement – but we don’t mind!

With West Michigan well into its cold, hard winter the GRSAF, along with the Shine Foundation and the Amway Corporation wanted to cook up a special surprise to show our appreciation. Taking that prompt, last week the GRSAF, along with countless volunteers, congregated at the GRPS Services Building ready and willing to take on this project. Arriving with can-do attitudes, volunteers rolled their shirt sleeves and got to work. Assembling nearly 2,300 winter-beating tokens of appreciation in just a few hours, volunteers also took the time on Friday to hand-deliver hundreds of boxes to more than 50 GRPS schools!

The real joy came when volunteers arrived to their prospective schools. Although it was a snow-laden day and the roads were slick, these committed volunteers trudged their way up the walks to deliver on this surprise! Welcomed by the principals, volunteers began their morning appearing at the doors of each unsuspecting classroom.
Excited and humbled by this heartfelt display of appreciation, teachers and support staff accepted their gifts.

Holding the tote to look closer, GRPS teacher Karrie Fordney gushed, “This is such a surprise. This is awesome, thank you! Now I can get rid of my son’s diaper bag!”

The Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation appreciates all the teachers and staff of GRPS! It is because of them and their commitment to our students that we are able to do what we do. They have dedicated their careers to inspiring students each and every day, providing them with the tools to create brighter futures. THANK YOU for everything you do to make an impact on the students of GRPS!