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A Call for Unity

A Call for Unity

We received a year-end gift last week from a donor who included a note that delighted and inspired me:

“In these trying times, we would like to step up to the front and make a commitment.”

It has been an exhausting election year. There are calls for unity, but how do we bridge the seemingly insurmountable gap in our communities? I suggest through philanthropy.

December is upon us, and it is traditionally a giving season. Maybe this year, more than ever before, we need to return to that tradition. The effects associated with giving have been well studied. As humans, we are happier, healthier and more grateful when we give.

Giving facilitates social connections. It develops bonds and builds shared meaning. It helps define our humanness and our belief in a greater good. It restores our faith in each other.

Giving creates unity.

As we enter the season of giving, add one more name to your list—the name of a charity. Consider giving just a little extra as your personal call for unity and faith in humankind. Help your children to do the same. Give to a homeless shelter or a food bank. Give to an advocacy group or an arts organization. Give to education or to health care.

I personally pledge to make my own gift as a statement for unity. I ask you to join me today.


P.S.: And thanks to a wonderful initiative in Grand Rapids, you can share your statement with #GRGives.